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Pakistan while siding with the US never compromised on its own security and national interests. The US did not understand this reluctance and also never took seriously the Pakistani view that the uncertainty created by US policy in Afghanistan was the main reason for Pakistan’s concerns

Only fools would envisage a three-front war

By Harlan Ullman The United States may be on the verge of launching a...

McMaster to replace Flynn as Trump’s national security adviser

Donald Trump tapped respected Army lieutenant general H.R. McMaster as his national security advisor on Monday, hoping to course correct after his first pick...

Remembering Ron Moreau: Goodbye To A War Reporting Legend

We lost Ron Moreau in the spring of 1991. He had gone to Iraqi Kurdistan forNewsweek to cover the panicked flight of hundreds of thousands...


By Harlan Ullman To ensure civilian control over its military, the American Constitution specifies that the president, and not a general or an admiral, is...

Malala and Beyond

The striking photograph of a single man facing a tank with upraised arms in Beijing’s Tian An Men Square galvanized China and the world...


By Harlan Ullman Language is a quite remarkable reflection of society and its attitudes. After the Vietnam War and a succession of operational and procurement failures,...