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Pakistan Rising?

Spearhead Analysis – 01.06.2015 It has been generally accepted that Pakistan’s economy has stabilized and is no longer in a crisis situation. It is also...

CPEC Politics

Spearhead Analysis – 30.04.2015 CPEC Politics - Part 1 By Shayan Malik & Enum Naseer Research Analysts, Spearhead Research Much is being said about the $46bn worth of Chinese investment...

Time for Decisions

Spearhead Analysis – 12.12.2013 The political leadership in Pakistan has to be the decision maker and the complexity of the strategic environment requires this leadership...

Obama’s four more in foreign policy

Spearhead Analysis – 24.01.2013 By Aima Khosa Research Analyst, Spearhead Research “Fecklessness and timidity disguised as false humility won't do; we are expected to lead whether we are asked...