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December Doings

Pakistan has had its share of issues but it is coping with them. The judiciary raised several questions concerning the extension given the Chief of Army Staff while considering a petition. There were never two thoughts on the reappointment for another tenure. The Court wanted the matter properly regulated through legislation that would decide modalities, remuneration, tenure, extension and reappointment. The Government is busy trying to do what the Court has ordered it to do. It is an uphill task because of the political environment and the acrimony that surfaces in Parliamentary discussions. The end result should clarify the whole issue once for all.

“Dharna,” – A Deception of Political liberation

All these issues highlighted by the JUI-F leader could have been put forward in the parliament using the proper democratic channels but it seems that the purpose of this protest was completely different. The container prepared for Maulana’s March had pictures of former political leaders who unfortunately later expressed unwillingness to participate in the anti-government movement, as they could sense it would be politically damaging and may cause more friction with national and international bodies. Definitely a politically wise and mature decision on part of PPP and PML-N

Fazlur Rehman’s Fizzling Fulgurations

Fazlur Rehman, leader of JUI-F, is an opportunist who thrives on political weaknesses of other political parties and their leadership. On his own, apart from some nuisance value he doesn’t amount to much. He likes to use and he doesn’t mind being used for political gains. As a politician he is pretty much exposed and carries a huge baggage of allegations of all sorts from his political rivals

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Political Woes

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The Army Chief’s Address

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