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American Objective in Afghanistan

John Menadue The Afghans are not a nation as such but a composition of numerous tribes. These form loose groupings based on ethnicity. Individuals owe...

MQM: Between perils and promises

Spearhead Analysis – 16.05.2013 By Zoon Ahmad Khan Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Altaf Hussein remains the most controversial figure in the Pakistani political saga. Recent events have re-enforced the...

Not just Sectarian

10 January, 2013: As Pakistan drenched itself in a bloodbath of Hazara suffering, this year started with a not too promising start for the...

Spearhead Special Report – Balochistan: Oscillating in a Chasm

As the ‘Balochistan conflict’ earns the title of Pakistan’s other war, humanitarian attention flocks in the direction of Pakistan’s biggest and least populated province....