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Protecting Pakistan From Within: Will Peace Negotiations Succeed?

By Shemrez Nauman Afzal Research Advisor and Consultant (Security and Governance) Spearhead Research – Pakistan Abstract The story of peace talks between the Pakistani government and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan...

Elections held hostage

Spearhead Analysis – 19.04.2013 By Nida Afaque Research Analyst, Spearhead Research As elections draw near, the political climate within Pakistan has turned sober. Contesting parties are working industriously to...

Af-Pak security conundrum

Spearhead Analysis – 07.01.2013 By Aima Khosa Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Pakistan’s official stance on the US presence in Afghanistan has been clear for many years: American troops must...

Playing with Fire

The past month will go down as one of the most politically volatile and grisly periods in Pakistan’s history. Where the nation was still...