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India’s Woes

No amount of distraction can hide the figures that indicate India’s economic state. Growth is averaging 5% and projected to go lower. The policies that were to deliver failed miserably. People are still reeling from the impact of the disastrous demonetization policy and the consumer tax fiasco.

India’s Foreign Policy Shift

Spearhead Analysis – 18.03.2019 By Shirin Naseer Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research On February 14 a suicide attack conducted by Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) claimed the lives of more than 44...

India, US and the Afghan Security Crisis

Spearhead Analysis – 31.07.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research During the course of the US presidential elections, bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan never made it as a...

US, India and China’s OBOR Initiative

Spearhead Analysis – 17.07.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research With both India and China refusing to back down, the stand-off at the tri-junction of India, Bhutan and China...

Can India be persuaded to join ‘One Belt, One Road’?

Spearhead Analysis – 15.05.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Despite mounting pressure from member countries, India has refused to join China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) Initiative—which...

Water Wars

Spearhead Analysis – 03.05.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research In the run-up to the state elections last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Water that belongs...

Can India Isolate Pakistan?

Spearhead Analysis – 20.03.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research In September of last year, India switched gears on its Pakistan policy; moving from the occasional military offences,...

Pak-India Recalibration

Spearhead Analysis – 03.06.2015 By Moiz Agha Research Analyst, Spearhead Research When Narendra Modi invited Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, to his oath taking ceremony, many believed this...