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The US Afghan Policy divides

Spearhead Analysis – 18.08.2017 By Hira A. Shafi Research Analyst, Spearhead Research The US administration is currently a divided house on how to tackle the Afghanistan issue. The President’s...

Re-orienting Pak-US ties

Spearhead Opinion – 01.08.2017 By Hira A. Shafi Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Owing to obscurity, Hegel’s philosophy comprises of diverse interpretations. A personal view—supports Hegel’s designation as a ‘mystic...

Evolving Trump Policies

Spearhead Analysis – 27.02.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Part of the world’s highest-stakes guessing game, allies and adversaries alike are constantly struggling to decipher the direction...