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What has been done to Kashmir and the atrocities and repression being committed there is being seen by the world. The brutality with which protests are being put down by Indian police is also being condemned widely. The long term repercussions for India is something that Indians need to judge for themselves. They should also see what impact this is having on their police and security forces--though this is not something new.

India’s Woes

No amount of distraction can hide the figures that indicate India’s economic state. Growth is averaging 5% and projected to go lower. The policies that were to deliver failed miserably. People are still reeling from the impact of the disastrous demonetization policy and the consumer tax fiasco.


The so-called facilities created for journalists are a farce and a mockery of the international media. The only news is government announcements that are obviously far from the truth and the grim reality that is IOK today

Book Review: Malevolent Republic: A Short History of the New India

A decision that has sparked international outrage and led to a widely condemned 80 days and counting shut down of Kashmir and that has brought immense misery to the Kashmiris and led to renewed and dangerous hostility with Pakistan

A Deed Most Foul

Spearhead Analysis—August 2019 “I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?” -- “The deed is done, the doers undone.”Shakespeare—in Macbeth According to Mr...

The bad news for press freedom in India

By AARTI BETIGERI Fears of arrest, or worse, have spilled over into widespreadself-censorship despite...

Brothers in fate

By Imran Malik Israel and India are the two fulcrums or centers of power in the Greater Middle East Region (GMER), the South-Central Asian Region...

Palestine and Iran

By Imran Malik The Muslim world has failed the peoples of Palestine and Kashmir! It has been criminally negligent in failing to stop the atrocities...

Squaring the circle: US challenges China on Xinjiang

By James M. Dorsey A draft US resolution that would designate a Pakistani militant as a global terrorist threatens to be China’s, and possibly Pakistan’s...

A tale of untruths and innuendo by Major Gaurav Arya and...

  By Pratik Sinha, Arjun Sidharth   On March 3, Republic TV published a report claiming that Baloch Republic Army (BRA) had attacked and destroyed 3 Pakistani Army posts. It was...