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The Road Ahead

The media including the social media and the governments various stratagems acted as a pressure valve by keeping the pot simmering without boiling over---in fact this is how the many protests and strikes taking place as well as the socio-economic grievances that remain below the street riot level, are being managed.

Fazlur Rehman’s Fizzling Fulgurations

Fazlur Rehman, leader of JUI-F, is an opportunist who thrives on political weaknesses of other political parties and their leadership. On his own, apart from some nuisance value he doesn’t amount to much. He likes to use and he doesn’t mind being used for political gains. As a politician he is pretty much exposed and carries a huge baggage of allegations of all sorts from his political rivals

The Fata merger: Towards a brave new world — The final...

By Ismail Khan EVEN before the process leading to Fata reforms could take off, it was beset by two problems: the Panama Papers leaks and...

Pakistan’s 2013 General Election: New Trends

Spearhead Analysis – 22.05.2013 Pakistan’s historic 2013 General Election marked a first transition between elected governments. This election was also marked by a massive 60%...

Elections held hostage

Spearhead Analysis – 19.04.2013 By Nida Afaque Research Analyst, Spearhead Research As elections draw near, the political climate within Pakistan has turned sober. Contesting parties are working industriously to...

PML-N’s Russian roulette

Spearhead Analysis – 19.02.2013 By Aima Khosa Research Analyst, Spearhead Research How is Russian roulette played? It is a dangerous game where the player places a single bullet in...