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A Comedy of Errors

The initial ineptitude in managing the Finance and Tax functions led to high-interest rates, closure of businesses, and an unprecedented devaluation of the Pak Rupee. The parallel economy supporting the real economy suddenly dried up and the economic activity started to gradually come to a grinding halt. The promised Billions from overseas Pakistanis never materialized, and the Prime Minister was forced to ‘ask’ friendly countries to donate to support Pakistan’s tottering economy. His continued tirade against the ‘Elite’ (incidentally most of the PTI stalwarts are part of that same elite) and support for the so-called ‘down-trodden’ led him to come down hard on the investors forcing him to shift gears and move into a donation-asking mode as opposed to a more productive industrialization and investment mode.

Pakistan prefers IMF’s Recipe for Disaster

By Asad Rizvi Finally, Imran Khan too like other leaders preferred to choose the worst available option. I am sure the decision is taken on...

Who’s afraid of Imran Khan?

By MK Bhadrakumar Saying no to meeting has undermined Indian diplomacy at a critical juncture THE growing perception in the country is that the India-Pakistan relations...

What will Pakistan’s new leader Imran Khan deliver for China?

By Tom Hussain The election of the former cricketer as prime minister of Pakistan leaves plans for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor on a sticky wicket. The...

‘China’s loans to Pakistan to lift debt repayment ability’

China’s loans to Pakistan essentially aim to drive the country’s economic development, and thus the loans must be offered in a way that aligns...

Chinese ‘rigidity’ rattles Pakistani businesses

Pakistani businesses find the Chinese too mechanical and rigid to deal with. Accustomed to a Western business negotiation and partnership style they found the predetermined...