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Afghanistan: The Looming Crisis

If there is one word that can describe the twenty-year ordeal of Afghanistan—it is the word uncertainty....

Afghan Peace Deal—At Last?

The fact is that there are other groups in Afghanistan that may try to disrupt talks through targeted attacks or may sow discord in Taliban ranks and wean away fighters from the Taliban side.


What has been done to Kashmir and the atrocities and repression being committed there is being seen by the world. The brutality with which protests are being put down by Indian police is also being condemned widely. The long term repercussions for India is something that Indians need to judge for themselves. They should also see what impact this is having on their police and security forces--though this is not something new.

December Doings

Pakistan has had its share of issues but it is coping with them. The judiciary raised several questions concerning the extension given the Chief of Army Staff while considering a petition. There were never two thoughts on the reappointment for another tenure. The Court wanted the matter properly regulated through legislation that would decide modalities, remuneration, tenure, extension and reappointment. The Government is busy trying to do what the Court has ordered it to do. It is an uphill task because of the political environment and the acrimony that surfaces in Parliamentary discussions. The end result should clarify the whole issue once for all.

The Afghan Peace Talks: 6th Round

Spearhead Opinion – 24.05.2019 By Hira A. Shafi Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research In early May 2019, Zalmay Khalilzad met with co-founder of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani...

Talks with the Taliban amid Strained US-Pakistan Relations

Spearhead Analysis – 29.01.2019 By Shirin Naseer Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research A bill pushing for the removal of Pakistan from the list of America’s major non-NATO allies has...

India’s Afghanistan Policy

Spearhead Special Report – 09.01.2019 By Shirin Naseer Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research As the United States plans its exit from Afghanistan, the international community is widely anticipating the...

Developments in Afghanistan – 4

Spearhead Analysis – 21.12.2018 By Hira A. Shafi Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Recently US officials and members of Taliban engaged in a round of talks- in UAE. Reportedly,...

Afghanistan: The Challenges and the Opportunities

Spearhead Analysis – 17.09.2018 The protracted conflict in Afghanistan is in its seventeenth year or as a wit said— ‘there has been a new war in...

Developments in Afghanistan – 2

Spearhead Analysis – 13.08.2018 By Hira A. Shafi Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research The Eid ul Fitr ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban was hailed as a...