PTI’s Austerity Drive

Spearhead Issue Brief – 17.09.2018

By Syed Murtaza Zaidi
Research Analyst, Spearhead Research

Imran Khan and the PTI ran their recent election campaign on the promise of building a ‘Naya Pakistan’, one which would be bereft of the shortcomings of the previous governments. In this regard, upon assuming the role of the Prime Minister, Khan immediately announced a spate of austerity measures that were designed to bring government spending under control, and help resolve the debt crisis. The various strategies that he outlined were generally lauded by the public, yet did make one wonder how effective they would be in the long run. 

There is a huge difference between practical policy decisions, and ones that are cosmetic in nature. While both can have a positive effect on public morale, in order for the country to make progress, comprehensive strategies are required that can lead to constructive and functional solutions, which can be measured and improved with time. Whether the recent policies introduced by the PTI satisfy this stipulation remains to be seen. 

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