Prime Minister Trudeau’s Message

Spearhead Opinion-25.04.2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a video-taped speech on the first day of fasting in the Islamic month of Ramazan—also called Ramadan in Arabic. Canadian Muslims—evidently and rightly –proud of their Prime Minister have been sending the video all over the world. It has gone viral on the social media.

The Prime Minister faced the camera without a row of flunkies beside him or behind him. He was alone. He did not have media persons asking him planted questions. He spoke simply and sincerely and effectively reached out to his targeted audience. He never strayed from the topic to drag in politics or ongoing events or his own or his governments achievements.

He felicitated Muslims on their holy month. He spoke of its sanctity with respect. He said he understood the significance and importance of this month. He wished Muslims joyous fasting and said that he and his wife shared their feelings. He said that the situation with the Corona Virus meant home worship, no community gatherings, no social events and restricted movement for essential errands and in that sense this particular Ramazan would be different but could be as serene and calm and satisfying as ever for families. He may not have used these exact words but this was the essence of his message to all Muslims and it resonated not just with Canadian Muslims but with all Muslims everywhere.

The Prime Minister’s words kindle hope and optimism and indicate an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation without strife, conflict and dogmatic divides. In a world under the shadow of the Corona Virus and confused by terms like lockdown, complete lockdown, lockdown with curfew, phased lockdown, partial lockdown, smart lockdown, herd immunity and smart herd immunity Prime Minister Trudeau’s simple message stands out for its sincerity.

Thank you—Prime Minister.

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