Political Snapshot – April 2014

Political Snapshot – 01.04.2014

April has proven itself a challenging month for Pakistan on national and international fronts. On the national front an operation against the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is in progress, thereby putting extra weight on civil-military unity- not exactly Pakistan’s forte. However amidst the opposition’s hurls against the government, and a rowdy media debate, both the Sharifs have come out stronger than most expected.

Simultaneously on the international front with elections happening in Afghanistan and India, Pakistan awaits colossal changes in the regional dynamic. So far the government’s key strategy has been to step up economic, trade and development cooperation with the stronger player, and most stable player, in the region- China. While Pakistan can be hopeful of positive developments with India under BJP’s leadership, Afghanistan and the Middle East both remain tight ropes that need to be treated with care.

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