Pakistan’s security snapshot, February – March 2014

Pakistan’s security snapshot, February - March 2014The month of February was a rollercoaster for Pakistan’s security, as peace talks with the TTP and the government, through their negotiating committees, had started – but broke down again; bringing back memories of when the hopes for the talks died down after Hakeemullah Mehsud’s death). But this time, it was the government of Pakistan itching to retaliate because of major terror attacks as well as the news that the TTP’s Mohmand Agency chapter slaughtered 27 FC personnel that it had held for over 2 years. As the Air Force commenced bombing sorties, and the PM allows the military to conduct operations so that the TTP learns “to behave”, secret talks continue under the supervision of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. The policy of “respond in kind” will have to be supplemented with a tactical and strategic shift that keeps on enhancing the government’s (and the state’s) position of strength against this sub-national terrorist franchise: whether it is on the negotiating table or on the field of war.

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