Pakistan’s political snapshot, February – March 2014

With an operation underway, and the factionalism between the terrorist groups, cleavages within the TTP and border control issues have put Pakistan Civil Military relations through a tough test that both are passing so far. On February 20, 2014 Chaudhry Nisar the interior minister had clarified that Pakistan’s armed forces were undertaking strikes in FATA in self defense. On February 27, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s National Security Adviser Sartaj Aziz said dialogue with Taliban had derailed adding the need to establish the state’s writ in the troubled regions.

The cooperation between the Civil and Military leadership during the previous month was undoubtedly exemplary given the rough history between the two. PAF Jets and Cobra Helicopters launched a joint operation in Mir Ali and Khyber Agency since military leadership probably has decided to evict this terrorism while using forces rather than keep on wasting time on the plea of negations. The military has enjoyed the political leadership’s backing, and even the rare support of local media during heroic operations against the TTP in the North Waziristan area.

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