India’s Misconceived Game

Spearhead Analysis-13.05.2020

Driven by political ambitions and inspired by a civilizational notion of leadership India under the RSS-BJP-Modi Combine has launched itself on a path that is already having dangerous consequences and that if unchecked, can lead to a catastrophe for the region and the world. The civilizational mindset has scant regard for nation state responsibilities and international law because it focusses on Hindu superiority with minorities, especially Indian Muslims, blatantly targeted for discrimination and cruel humiliating ill treatment. This is the construct behind India’s annexation of IHK in total disregard of the UN Resolutions on Kashmir followed by the citizenship and domicile engineering that is laying the seeds of disaster. The world needs to take note of the clearly discernible trends that are marking the path to violence, conflict and catastrophe.

The visible unprovoked violence on the Line of Control, meticulously noted and protested by Pakistan, is not just violations of a bilaterally agreed cease fire but these signal an attempt to create a new norm that distracts from the covert sinister game that India is playing. Mark the surge in violent incidents in Pakistan’s FATA area along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border coordinated from the ungoverned spaces in Afghanistan using the multiple militant groups that have found sanctuary there. Afghanistan will feel the blowback if it does not act to stop the use of its territory. This is evident from the recent murderous attacks on a hospital and a funeral by Afghan based groups that oppose peace and want an environment in which they thrive and get sponsors like India. Afghanistan supported by the US and Pakistan must move rapidly to ensure progress on the peace process and not allow spoilers to delay and disrupt the process.

A report in the DAWN newspaper dated May 13,2020 under the caption ‘Army Asks Iran to Observe principle of Non-Interference’ states that—“Gen Bajwa ( Pakistan Army Chief of Army Staff) had called Gen Bageri (his counterpart in Iran) to seek action against Baluch separatists who have allegedly taken refuge on Iranian soil. The call was made against the backdrop of an attack on Friday on a Frontier Corps patrol –in which six troops were martyred—the Baluch Liberation had claimed responsibility for the attack”. It may be recalled that the Indian RAW spy Kulbushan Yadev had operated from Iran against Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran do cooperate on border security arrangements but it would be tragic if Iran allowed or ignored India’s use of its space to sponsor violence in Baluchistan. Indians have openly boasted that they have been in touch with Baluch separatist groups and Indian sponsorship of insurgency in Baluchistan and elsewhere is not a secret. Iran needs to act to make sure that it is not used in the covert war that India is waging against Pakistan and that insurgents do not find sanctuaries in Iran.

Recently India has stepped up its ridiculous claim over Kashmir under Pakistan’s control and even the Gilgit Baltistan area of Pakistan. India has also been talking of camps and something called ‘launch pads’ on the Pakistan side of the LOC to launch infiltrators to stoke rebellion and resistance in Kashmir that has been under Indian lockdown for over a year. India has tried to downplay the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s warning of a possible false flag operation by India to start a conflict that would distract attention from the appalling atrocities in Kashmir and the rest of India against Muslims. India terms Imran Khans statement as a ‘preemptive denial’ of what Pakistan might do in Kashmir. Pakistan would have to be a moron to carry out infiltration into Kashmir and that too from launch pads and camps. This is not how it is done. The resistance and rebellion in Kashmir is of India’s own making because the killings and atrocities will not be forgotten nor will the Hindus being pushed into Kashmir be safe. So a false flag by India is a very real possibility as are events from within India against the misconceived policies of India. In fact, Pakistan needs to take India’s threats seriously and start developing capacities to attack Indian inroads into its territory and even hit such inroads across the LOC. The world needs to take note of what India is doing.

Finally, it should be noted that the Covid-19 Pandemic should have been an event that pushes animosities into the background so that there is cooperation in the fight against a common threat. It is not an event that needs to be used as a cover for political ambitions. This is what the world is doing. India needs to review its policies and reach out to Pakistan. There will be reciprocity. The focus should shift to the vulnerable populations in both the countries.

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