Cradling Injustice: The Syrian Dilemma

Spearhead Analysis – 10.09.2015

By Moaz Masood
Research Analyst, Spearhead Research


Nerves were pinched by grief as Aylan Kurdi lay dead on a Turkish beach. While his lungs were filled with salty water, his soul questioned the morality on this planet. The people of Syria were doomed to become refugees amidst the conditions that prevailed. The War in Syria, inspired from an international agenda, seems never ending. It has already killed two hundred and fifty thousand people and generated four hundred thousand helpless Syrians. Patience has surpassed all levels to serve as a choice. Hence, bereft of options, the life threatening conditions made the Syrians decide to escape the hard-scrabble life they had to deal with.

Despite knowing that the choices their decision accrued were resistance and death, Syrians had hopes, hopes that they would at least survive. Survival remained a daunting challenge as nations closed doors on their arrival. However, it was only Aylan who came to the aid of his fellow refugees. The world found itself in the darkest of times as a young boy died as a consequence of its policies to repel the refugees. A soul-searching drive was initiated globally while Aylan’s father mourned his entire family’s sad demise in the waves of the Aegian strait. As the refugees struggle towards safety, each one of them sees the utility of his life diminishing. Nevertheless, the innumerable human rights organizations remained oblivious of the perilous journey they suffered through. This, in no way marks the value of life to a zero. Every life matters and must be protected.

Responsibility staunchly oppugns tyranny that engulfs the people of Syria today. Denying that the world had a conscientious job to adhere to the difficulties of the Syrians makes the matter worse. The uni-polarity that the United States uses to haunt the global world, the clandestine aid it offers to the rebels in Syria, the threats to initiate air-strikes and the loss to the global security- -all implicate the U.S in this unremitting crisis. Ross Douthet expresses that the”responsibility to protect theory” which provided logic to the U.S excursions in Libya is contested. Refugees from Libya are dying today but the United States is indifferent. Accepting five thousand aggrieved people does not solve the problem. If the U.S wants to hold the office of the superintendent of global stability, it must move forward with a pledge to accept more migrants. Next are the nations that are directly related with the crisis. Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic and other European nations are hiding their face to protect those running away from death. Of these, two countries remain adamant and appall the world with their stance. Slovakia looks at the migrants as having economic interests and desires only those who are Christians. In another shocking move, Hungary, who has a past filled with distortions, aims to construct a wall to prohibit migrants from entering its territory. It evidently points out that Hungary has lost track of 1956 and 1989. During the Soviet Invasion of 1956, at least two hundred thousand Hungarians dashed into Austria, seeking refuge in Western Europe. In 1989, Hungary served as the first nation to unlock the Iron Curtain and facilitate thousands from East Germany to move towards West Germany. States that denounce Muslim migrants clearly refuse the majority of them, citing evidence through the sordid relation of Islam and its followers with the ‘threat’ of putting its territory in peril. Iterating a sane idea, the nations that were once part of the Soviet Imperium are engulfed with emigration issues. It is definitely a reflection of the systematic failure of world leadership.  Most of the states rebuffing the migrants are linked with birth shortages, leading to sharp declines in population. Citing an example, Bulgaria, according to the United Nations, is expected to shrink twenty seven percent by 2050. Still, no one desires the Muslim migrants who will probably die if continually dealt with such aloofness.

The Petro states have proved their ideology. None of the Gulf States has responded to this horrendous act whereas they palpably prove their indoctrination in the Syrian War. Mind you, the response they made was clearly not to help the refugees as all they did was to catalyze the process of war; sending more troops to the war-zone. Qatar, UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have clearly declined the idea of accommodating any family from the worn-torn states of Libya and Syria where their involvement is not dubious. Rather than making efforts to broker peace, the petro states are continually, with the support and might of U.S.A, funneling arms into Syria. KSA has even threatened its citizenry of serious consequences if they adopt Syrian orphans. On the other hand, the Shiite’s arm, Iran, who just got itself a deal, is also on an ignoring drive.

The European leaders seem to have lost track of their history. What the Syrians are engulfed with today is undoubtedly a flashback to the misery Europe suffered through once. Rewinding history, Stalin and his totalitarian regime had made millions dash towards the West. Although memory and history didn’t serve to prioritize thousands of helpless lives, one sane mind did perform outstandingly. While the rest of Europe eschewed gimmickry, memory didn’t vamoose from Angela Merkel’s mind. Migrants still vociferate desires to enter Germany when Merkel already accepted eight hundred thousand. The number is huge but she is ready to welcome thousands more. Although Germany might not remain immune to the jolts that its economy might suffer due to the migrants, Angela Merkel is the only person enthralling the world with her leadership. Her boldness in announcing with Francois Hollande, the French President, that the issue was totally ‘European’, is remarkable. Merkel also clarified that the incomplete integration has tripped up the migration policy and thus the division of refugees needs to be made among the European Union.

Germany opened the widest doors to the migrants. One view also comments on the labor that it will be able to garner in the future as the highest percentage of refugees are in the 18-59 year age bracket. Hence, they promise to pep up the economy in the future. Also economically, if the problem isn’t dealt with by Germany, it might be the actual sufferer because of its domination in the European Union. However, such negative news is not welcome in such testing times. Merkel’s initiative is not short of being a godsend for refugees and her theory of utilitarian universalism thus needs to be taken up as an inspiration. Even the Icelanders have been paying for the flights of the helpless refugees. As a lesson, other nations need to realize that this is an Augean task for the refugees. The crisis that dominates the world has overshadowed the aftermath of World War II with the hellish environment that it has created.

While the ‘Muslim’ states continue to uptake their interests, they remain oblivious of the fact that the migrants are increasingly being baptized. The Pope has come out and ordered the governments to take-in as many migrants as they can. Globally, people welcomed the announcement of the Christian Leader and his recommendation that each family should adopt one migrant family. However, this should serve as a moment of shame for those representing themselves with the religion of peace: Islam. A prime example is that of the incident of Muhajireen and the Ansaars in Islamic history. Upon the orders of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, the Ansaars took in one family each, dividing everything from property to utensils to food to business with the Muhajireens. Before questioning the European policy on this ongoing moral failure, Muslim nations need to look for skeletons in their own cupboards. This might help.

While the world had a responsibility in the Syrian war and its consequences, the Byzantine laws in the migration policy need to be dealt with. The missing and almost negligible role of the governing body of human rights, the United Nation’s, needs to be brought under the light. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), in a horrifying statement, is short of approximately three billion dollars in its funding for Syrian operations. Amidst the colossal damage that has accrued, the corridors of powers need to be knocked at. The ‘chew and spew’ policy of the mighty nations responsible in augmenting this crisis needs to be curtailed. A coherent and holistic policy presents itself as the solution to the suffrage of thousands. The current pusillanimous policies creating hatred need to be bid adieu or else the Syrians might never forgive us. Putting things on cold ice today might have repercussions that shall haunt the world in the future. The time to act is now.