Spearhead Special Report – Balochistan: Oscillating in a Chasm

As the ‘Balochistan conflict’ earns the title of Pakistan’s other war, humanitarian attention flocks in the direction of Pakistan’s biggest and least populated province. Local and international media highlight the injustice taking place at the hands of the centre, the army and the agencies and in return Pakistanis have developed an apologetic attitude towards their Baloch brethren.

While emotion may dictate popular movements, it is crucial to question the validity of the tall claims made by the apologists, and also to be critical of the presence of agencies. Baloch history, economic evolution, the forced accession to Pakistan, and political standing build the right context to address questions that have been avoided for too long.

Balochistan: Oscillating in a Chasm” is divided in 4 parts:

  1. Historical and Geographical context, Ethnic composition.
  2. Accession to Pakistan, political party formation.
  3. Balochistan today.
  4. Questions that need to be addressed.

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