A response to Bhadrakumar’s “India’s Modi mounts the Baluchi tiger”

A response to “India’s Modi mounts the Baluchi tiger”- by Bhadrakumar, sent to him by a resident of Baluchistan

Dear Ambassador,

9A1C4E3E5BEC4DF9BDFB2953B5A6C84DI am addressing you directly. In case you have not got my earlier comments on your Blog, through some other source, I hope you can go through them here under.

I wrote those comments in a hurry as I was pressed for time, but I think I owe it to you to explain at some length this so called ‘Balochistan’ and the so called ‘Baloch-Tigers’. If for no reason, just to put the enemy-countries ‘propaganda against Pakistan in perspective. Besides, I learn so much from your Blogs, perhaps  I owe it to you and should explain.

Let me start by saying that some of my very best childhood friends are Baloch, Brahui and Kurds, even Hindus who are still present in large number in this province. Incidently, Balochistan’s Chairman Public Service Commission, is a Hindu Mr. Basheshernath Kohli, who is a very respected gentleman for his integrity and competence. Pakistan has had a long line of Baloch Presidents, PMs, Governors/CMs inspite of their small population; Farooq Leghari,  Zardari, Jamali, Sherbaz Mazari, Khosas and so on. There is no witch hunting of Baloch and no one thinks less of the Baloch who are at least 10-14 m in Punjab and about 8-10 m in Sindh, while in Balochistan, racially they are barely about 3 m.

Now, within Balochistan, about 33%  of area having Pashtuns, and lying somewhat within the monsoon ranges productive land, and adjoining Afghanistan are all peaceful, more affluent people. They are patriotic and have been living next to the Baloch/Brahui tribes in the south, peacefully, even when the Baloch/Brahui were tributaries to the Amir of Kandahar/Kabul ever since 1757. These Pashtuns are die hard Pakistanis and one hardly ever finds a Baloch/Brahui present in these areas.

From Sibi to Jacobabad, some 90 miles of plain, surrounded on both east and west sides by Bambore and Kirther Ranges with 40-60 miles width is inhabited by Khosas, Jamalis, Magsi, Rinds, Kurds and Dombkis, all are peaceful and patriotic. Quetta-Noshki-Dalbandin-Tftan Iran, about 400 miles long is a barren strip of land wide by 100-200 miles but very sparsely populated. All are patriotic Brahuis/Baloch, some Pashtuns  also live there but occasionally a militants shows up disturbing peace. Especially, from south of Helmand Baloch/Brahui militants are pushed in across Durand Line after training by the RAW and CIA/NDS in Afghanistan. 10 miles north of Chaman, close to Spin Baldak, RAW and CIA also train in two camps called Bugti and Marri Camps. This is a well known fact. Allegedly, one Indian Brig Aneel is the boss there, who mostly lives in Kandhar.

The people of Lasbella, Jamotes, Sindhis basically, living east of Karachi and north of Sonmiani are all peaceful. We have had a CM and a Speaker from this area. Sarawan/Jhalawan are south of Quetta touching Las Bella where due to vast empty spaces and no infrastructure, militants hide. Sanullah Zehri of Jhalawan is now the CM and a patriot. His son and two brothers were killed by militants of Brahmdagh Bugti three years ago. Obviously, he will fight the ’emerging Baloch Tigers’ if he finds them.

Let me also briefly describe the demographic profile of Baloch/Brahuis in ‘Balochistan’. This is important to understand what a miniscule number is indeed, masquarading as militants and ‘Tigers’, which the major powers, or let me name them, India, US and mini-power Afghanistan are portraying as mamoths!

There are about 12 major Baloch/Brahui tribes living in Balochistan’s center and East, with many sub and sub-sub clans, total running in number well over 150. Out of these, only two Baloch sub-tribes Marri and Bugti when their chieftain are not in power, have been sporadically agitating or commiting insurgency.  Both of these sub-tribes have about 23-25 clans. Only 2-3 sub-clans in each have been active insurgents, the rest are peaceful and patriotic. Marri chieftain  Chenghez Marri, son of late Khair Bakhsh Marri is an MPA and patriotic. However, his four brothers who had been ministers for years, are in Europe/London post 9/11 under “benign” supervision of CIA/MI6 trying to perpetuate militancy in Balochistan. They have no sympathy with Baloch population which is terribly poor but use them as instruments to destabilise Pakistan.

Akbar Bugtis’ grandson from elder son Saleem, who is dead, Aali Bugti is now the Nawab and under him Qadir Bugti is looking after tribal affairs in Dera Bugti. His son Sarfraz Bugti is the Home Minister of Balochistan. Brahmdagh Bugti son of Akbar Bugti’s one daughter,  hijacked by RAW/CIA/NDS is in Switzerland trying to run militancy in Bugti areas. He thinks he is doing a great service to the abject poor Bugtis. At least so he claims. Mines are spead here and there in Bugti area which end up killing innocent children, women and villagers, even cows.

So much for the Baloch insurgents, or Tigers! Now the Brahuis; the only Brahui sub-tribe also comprising 3-4 sub-clans around Attaullah Mengal/Akhtar Mengal are busy in militancy. Both father and son have been CMs and were loyal Pakistanis as long as they were in power. Out of power, they become anti-Pakistan!

Akhtar, is an MPA even now while his brother Javed is a militant. The last Brahui is a one man show, the so called Khan-of-Kalat whose grandfather abdicated along with the heads of 425 princely states in 1947/8 as a consequence of the Indian Act of Independence 1947. He is Suleman Daud, willingly hijacked by RAW/CIA and now MI6 looks after him in London. He has no following, there are no insurgents to his credit but lives in London in style. MI6 is very benign, it also looks after Altaf Hussain in London. I am sure you are aware of this character Altaf! What a great country, this United Kingdom. Alas, soon I appprehend it will become Mini Kingdom!

The other day when Suleman’s wife passed away in Kalat even the Corps Commander went to Kalat to offer condolences. His son Ahmad is also an MPA. His brother Faisal is a patriot and has been a minister.

There are sporadic bombings, target killings in Balochistan, yes for sure. Besides Baloch/Brahui, Lasher-a-Jhangvi, Sipah-a-Sahaba, RAW, NDS and a motly crowd, even tribal-feudes also try to kill some for money or even for greater cause of going to heaven in quick time by killing those they feel must not live.

Having said that, there is much peace in Balochistan. Not one house is demolished anywhere in Balochistan. Not one man has been blinded by pellets, security forces do not act in anger, thank God. If a militant is killed in an encounter, usualy 2-3 are arrested, rather than being despatched to settle their affairs in the next world.

The lagislature of the tribal Balochistan does not want Police. So after a ragtag tribal Levies hired by the tribal chieftains, relic of the 1879 British rule, is brushed aside by militants, para military border force, called Frontier Corps comes into play. Pakistan Army, Air Force or Navy have NOT been used at all. Indeed, these forces are doing social work of building schools and roads.

All the roads from and to Quetta, and the railways are safe. The airports are safe, irritating security checks notwithstanding.

That, dear Ambassador, is what Balochistan is today. If Mr. Modi wants to whip the dead ‘Baloch Tigers’, I am afraid he would have to request the Christ to intervene. Oh yes, Mr. Modi perthaps also does not know that none of these 6-8 Baloch/Brahui “leaders” accept the other as the Supremo. They are all gladiators, wanting power only for themselves. They have lingering blood feuds and terrible animosities and will not accept the other as the leader!

I know almost all of these handful of ‘insurgents’ personally. Regrettably, they are caught in the cobweb of the geopolitics and find no way to shake off the  chains. The original conflict was that of  the political power, which their fathers, grandfathers had lost.

What they never realized was that Uncle Sam had moved into strategic void of Afghanistan on the pretext of OBL and would need a perpetual reason to stay on. The old game of Containment was again being played.

I am afraid, a day will come, when even the intelligentia in India will regret facilitating entrenching of America in south of Oxus and north of Karakorum. Abdullah Abdullah and Northern Alliance would then appear  agreat myopic strategic blunder.