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Screens of Knowledge

Cinemas or movie theaters that are traditionally associated with pure entertainment and leisure, can play a huge role in reforming a society and imparting knowledge to the masses. A strong initiative is needed on a countrywide scale to realize the positive impact of cinemas as a tool for education and social reform


Spearhead Analysis – 25.04.2017 By Farrukh Karamat Senior Research Coordinator, Spearhead Research Much has been written about the dwindling inflows for Pakistan from Inward Workers’ Remittances, Exports, and Foreign Direct...
India Pakistan Tension War

Resetting the Relationship

Spearhead Analysis – 05.06.2014 Much is being read into the recent meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan on the sidelines of the...

Thank You Major!

Spearhead Analysis – 23.11.2017 By Farrukh Karamat Senior Research Coordinator, Spearhead Research Yesterday was a sad day as 28-year old Major Ishaq lost his life while engaged in an operation...
Iran-Pak Flags

Managing Expectations

Spearhead Analysis – 24.07.2017 By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Research Analyst, Spearhead Research The Muslim world it seems is synonymous for divisiveness, antagonism, and exclusionary politics as of late, where...


By Harlan Ullman Seventy years ago today, the Japanese Navy launched strikes against Pearl Harbor sinking much of "Battleship Row," awakening a sleeping giant and forcing...

The Taliban in Paris

Spearhead Analysis – 12.12.12 The official word from the Taliban is that they will be in Paris for discussions with the US and its western...

Beyond Silk

Between Pakistan and China talks of reviving the Silk Route have always sparked mutual interest. Pakistan’s Commerce Minister during General Ayub Khan’s martial rule and China’s then Prime Minister Chou En-Lai sat as friends to discuss China’s Western provinces, the disparity of development opportunities on both Eastern and Western frontiers. If there was any future for economic cooperation between the Pakistan and China more avenues needed to be created. For China more interaction with the Middle East and Europe was a motive.

The US-China Trade War

Spearhead Analysis – 18.07.2018 By Shirin Naseer Senior Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Escalating US-China trade war tensions, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods this...

Social media and changing politics

Spearhead Analysis – 02.10.2014 By Saman Tariq Research Analyst, Spearhead Research In a democratic world, media is widely used as a tool for election campaigns and since the usage...