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Divergent Prespectives

Divergent Perspectives

Spearhead Opinion – 19.03.2019 By Farrukh Karamat Senior Research Coordinator, Spearhead Research The recent World Bank report ‘Pakistan @ 100 – Sharing the Future 2047’ should be an eye-opener...


Spearhead Opinion – 14.12.2018 After strongly resisting the appointment of the beleaguered opposition leader Mr Shahbaz Sharif as Chairman of the PAC the PTI finally...

Unceremonious Exit

Spearhead Opinion – 19.04.2019 By Farrukh Karamat Senior Research Coordinator, Spearhead Research Eight months into power and the PTI-led government, under increasing pressure for its perceived underperformance, has decided...

Russia’s Foreign Policy Challenges

Spearhead Opinion – 25.09.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research President Trump’s August 21 speech infuriated Pakistan by accusing it of supporting terrorism and undermining US efforts in the region....

It’s Lonely at the Top

The real reason for the wasted tax money was because of the size of the delegations that accompanied them and the demands that these people made on the embassy staff. Rather than extolling sponsors and depending on them, the Prime Minister would do well to dwell on the Spartan and austere style of his visits
JIT Report

JIT REPORT: what follows..

Spearhead Opinion – 12.07.2017 By ShahBano Khan Research Analyst, Spearhead Research The Panama Leaks case, highly controversial but equally publicized, is expected to finally reach its zenith. Months of...

Trump’s Pakistan policy dilemma

Spearhead Opinion – 24.07.2017 By Shirin Naseer Research Analyst, Spearhead Research A five-member delegation led by US Senator John McCain visited Pakistan earlier this month. During the visit, Senator...
NA-120 Election

NA-120: State vs. People?

Spearhead Opinion – 19.09.2017 By Hira A. Shafi Research Analyst, Spearhead Research The NA-120 election which was dubbed as the ‘litmus test against the SC verdict’ has provisionally revealed...

A Bird’s Eye View

Spearhead Research Opinion By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Research Analyst, Spearhead Research It seems that Modi has fallen into the trap laid for him in the form of accusations...

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Today, the informal economy remains hidden and out of circulation. Neither the state nor the people are benefiting from it. There has to be a long term plan to allow all this informal economy to be integrated back into the formal economy without penalizing those who possess it