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  • Afghanistan: The Looming Crisis
    If there is one word that can describe the twenty-year ordeal of Afghanistan—it is the word uncertainty. There was uncertainty over what the US would do in Afghanistan after the post 9/11 attack. There was uncertainty over the strategy in Afghanistan. There was uncertainty over the talks with the Taliban. […]

A new start

After a splendid twelve year run the pandemic forced us to close Spearhead Research as a research consultancy. Spearhead Research is now a blog. We will be posting opinion pieces on a wide range of topics to encourage creative thinking and debate on multiple issues. Our special focus will be on policy related matters and in the social domain on education, health and national cohesion.

We will remain apolitical and non- partisan. We will avoid controversial issues, personality-oriented writings and divisive matters. We will endeavor to help resolve exploitable vulnerabilities to build the inner strength that can ward off threats and enhance the country’s image. We hope to make a positive contribution towards comprehending issues and evolving responses to ongoing events and situations.

We will welcome comments and views which we will review before publishing. The blog is not open to postings by other than those authorized. To share your opinion / article, kindly email it to “submit@spearheadresearch.org“. An archive will be developed as a research resource and will include some previous work by Spearhead Research and its access will be controlled. We may post selected outsourced pieces with our comments.