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Post Pulwama: Lessons to be learnt

Spearhead Issue Brief – 18.03.2019 Summary: Mature and responsible political leadership on both sides prevented the Pulwama crisis from descending into an uncontrollable escalation sequence. Kashmir...

Two Attacks — Multiple Consequences

Spearhead Analysis – 18.02.2019 On February 13 an attack on a bus carrying Iranian Revolutionary Guards IRG) personnel was attacked by a suicide bomber in Iran’s...

Role of USA-Israel-India in fomenting Islamic radicalism

Zameer36 Non-resolution of Palestinian and Kashmir dispute gave rise to Islamic radicalism. After the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, the ten-year Iran-Iraq war ended...

Pakistan a partner or a target by Asif Haroon Raja

StatesTimes The US took Pakistan on board as a tactical partner after 9/11 to achieve its short term objectives but had listed it as one...