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The most accepted line of thought is that there is a government and supporting it is the country’s most powerful institution and together they are tackling the issues facing the country and managing the multiple issues that are raising their heads. So far this management has managed to avert a major crisis and is in fact putting the country on the road to stability

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Today, the informal economy remains hidden and out of circulation. Neither the state nor the people are benefiting from it. There has to be a long term plan to allow all this informal economy to be integrated back into the formal economy without penalizing those who possess it

A Social Commentary

Spearhead Analysis – 31.07.2017 By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Research Analyst, Spearhead Research More often than not I find myself in the most crowded of places with the most deafening...

Trump’s America

Spearhead Opinion – 27.01.2017 By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Research Analyst, Spearhead Research For a man who builds things, Donald Trump’s campaign speeches and inaugural address gave a preview of...

Hijacking National Identity

Spearhead Analysis – 23.01.2017 By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Divisive politics, and highlighting denominational differences along religious lines is not a recent phenomenon; religion has always...


Spearhead Analysis – 02.01.2017 By ShahBano Khan Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Politics in Pakistan is in a state of flux: the electoral population has not only become active but is...