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By Harlan Ullman The term “BRIC’s” is a virtual cliché. Brazil, Russia, India and China were lumped together as the globe’s “emerging” economic dynamos. Now, if...

The Fate of the Lost Province – Prewritten?

By Sarah Eleazar Research Analyst Spearhead Research The dark specter of Seraiki nationalism in southern Punjab and separatism in Bahawalpur has been looming in the fringes of political...

Spearhead Special Report – North Waziristan: The Death Trap

On December 16th, 2010, President Obama's White House released an abridged summary of its review of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Expected to...

Spearhead Special Report – Too Cold to Start

Since partition, Pakistan and India have been at the war front a number of times, and with the recent exposition  on the Wiki leaks...